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    Think differently,Neurodiversity,Recruitment,personal values
      Neurodiversity in the workplace and employing neurodivergent colleagues A win-win for...
    Negotiating a salary increase can be a delicate process,but there are several strategies you...
    Think differently,Recruitment,personal values,workplace,testimonials
    Receiving a counter offer from your current employer after resigning can be a challenging...
    work,workplace,Finding a new Job
    Resigning from a job is a significant step in your career, and it's important to do so...
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  • Work Experience

    Carrot Tree - Work Experience for Young Neurodivergent People

    HB People team up with specialist schools to deliver work experience within an online book community


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    The Online Bookstore

    It started off as a pop-up store

    And now we are developing it into a full time business. This is not a social enterprise or a charity this has to be a commercially viable operation to ensure it develops into a stable place for work experience opportunities twice per year.

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    The outcome of Work Experience cohort 1 April 2021

    A great job by all!

    Work experience to raise acceptance of Autism during the month of April 2021. Please click on the infographic for us to explain what we did and why and how we see it developing into a twice a year event.


    Any enquires please get in touch.

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    Work Experience May 2022 - Burscough Priory High School

    Pizza Wednesday at Shedquarters

    Charlie Formby Year 10 joined us this week to learn all things recruitment, achievements - Linkedin profile completed, PowerPoint presentation to the team, salary and job survey of our local area and practical tips for others looking for a job! Good work Charlie.