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Negotiating your next pay review

Be confident and well researched

Negotiating a salary increase can be a delicate process,but there are several strategies you can employ to make the conversation more comfortable and effective.

Here are some tips:

Do Your Research:
Before entering negotiations, research industry standardsfor your role and experience level. Websites like Indeed, Job boards, Glassdoor, Payscale, or industry reports can provide valuable insights.

1.      Timing is Key:

Choose an appropriate time to discuss your salary, such asduring your annual performance review or when you have taken on additional responsibilities. Avoid bringing it up out of context.

Ie. Ive been offered another job, I love it here, but I could do with the extra – You are leaving your manager with unanswered questions if you have been looking, what can they do in a short space of time might be out of their control, reviews might not be for a couple of months. You are putting them on the spot, timing is everything.

2.      Highlight Your Achievements:

Emphasise your accomplishments and contributions to thecompany. Focus on how your work has added value and positively impacted the

3.      Practice Your Pitch:

Rehearse what you want to say beforehand. Be clear, concise,and confident in expressing why you believe you deserve a salary increase.

4.      Be Positive and Grateful:

Express gratitude for the opportunities you've had in thecompany and the positive aspects of your current role. Frame the discussion in
a positive light, emphasising your commitment to the organisation.

5.      Use I Statements:

Frame your request using "I" statements to make itabout your contributions and your value to the company. This helps avoid
sounding accusatory or confrontational.

6.      Be Open to Negotiation:

Be prepared for a discussion rather than making it aone-sided demand. This shows your flexibility and willingness to work together
to find a fair solution.

7.      Know Your Number:

Have a clear and realistic salary figure in mind. Be readyto explain why you believe this figure is fair based on your research, skills,
and contributions.

8.      Consider Non-Monetary Perks:

If a salary increase is not immediately possible, be open todiscussing other benefits such as additional holiday days, professional development opportunities, or flexible work arrangements.