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Why is holiday pay so tricky to work out?

Podcast by Irwin Mitchell

Episode 24: Why Holiday Pay is Still Such a Big Issue for Business

The Working Time Regulations say that a worker must receive a week's pay for a week’s holiday. 

But the concept of a week’s pay is set out in a number of pieces of legislation that weren’t created with holiday pay in mind, and so holiday pay remains a big issue for businesses. 

Employment experts Joanne Moseley and Glenn Hayes discuss important topics relating to holiday pay, including:

  • How much holiday workers are entitled to receive
  • Why holiday pay is still such a big issue for business
  • Workers claiming underpaid holiday
  • The impact of Brexit on holiday pay rules.

Our latest podcast will help you as an employer or HR professional make sure your organisation is following holiday pay guidance - listen now on Podbean, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.