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Work from home, office or a mix?

What's your preference?

There have been lots of polls recently about this topic? 

I think it provoked lots of questions; I love being in the office; I can walk, and it takes about 5 minutes, but I also enjoy having the option to work from home if I want to or have a delivery, childcare etc. I used to commute to Manchester every day, and to do that again would be a definite no for me as I know how much better I feel for not doing it. I love that I can put a wash on; I had the best idea the other day whilst loading the washer. However, I then missed being able to discuss it with someone immediately. 

What is best for you and your business? 

For our business, we will do a mix of the two and let people choose but have set days where everyone is expected in the office.

Would you leave a job if you lost the flexibility that you have now? 

I probably would, but it all depends on the opportunity you are going to and the one you are leaving.

How much do you miss the commute and that quiet time between the office and home? 

Not at all

Has working from home enhanced your wellbeing? 

Definitely, able to meet friends for a walk, run at a reasonable time. When you finish work, you are home and can make dinner, walk the dog. However, I do struggle to switch off. I can continue all night if I am focused on something. 

Jen, Social Housing 

Here is an excellent article about the pros and cons of working from home.

Let me know what works best for you?