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Rehabilitation of offenders, Recycling Lives have it covered



One third of businesses in the UK have stated that they are unable to address
skills gaps within their workforce, according to the Chartered Institute of
Personnel and Development (CIPD). To overcome this challenge, it may be helpful
for businesses to think creatively about recruitment and consider new talent
pools, such as ex-offenders.

There are several benefits to hiring ex-offenders, including:

· Reduced recruitment and advertising costs: The CIPD estimates that filling an average non-managerial vacancy costs around £2,000. By recruiting from prisons and ex-offender pools, businesses can reduce overhead costs such as advertising, as prisons can provide access to candidates for interviews.

· Reduced recruitment and advertising costs: The CIPD estimates tha tfilling an average non-managerial vacancy costs around £2,000. By recruitingtheir workforce. Additionally, actively hiring ex-offenders has been shown to reduce re-offending and can help businesses to be more socially responsible.

· Resolving skills shortages: A third of organisations have reportedthat they are unable to address skills shortages, which can negatively impact productivity and performance. Many prisons offer industry-level skills training and prisoners can achieve professional qualifications. Employers can tap into this talent pool to resolve skills shortages, while also helping ex-offenders to get their lives back on track.

· Reduced staff absence: Employers may be concerned about thereliability of ex-offenders, but over 80% of employers of ex-offenders have rated them positively for reliability, motivation, attendance, and performance.

· Increased staff retention: Ex-offenders often place a higher value on having a job, as it helps them to stay out of prison. This can lead to higher levels of loyalty and retention, which can help businesses to retain institutional knowledge.

· There is a national stat of about 39% (ONS 2022) of reoffending if they are don’t find secure employment, home, health etc, Recycling Lives because of the training, money taken out of their wages for when they get out and then support into a role and for 12 months after their reoffending is 5%

It's worth noting that only 17% of ex-offenders are able to secure employment within
a year of release. However, 3 out of 4 people would be comfortable buying from
a business that employs ex-offenders, and 81% of people believe that businesses
that hire ex-offenders are making a positive contribution to society. In addition, 86% of employers of ex-offenders rate them as good at their job, and 92% of employers have reported that diverse recruitment has enhanced their reputation, helping them to win new contracts

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