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Neurodiversity in the workplace

ID Nuclear conference July 15 2021

· Think differently,Neurodiversity,Neurotypical,Neurodivergent,One Team

After meeting Callum Thomas, MD of Thomas Thor nuclear recruitment a few months ago I presented to the team at Thomas Thor a workshop of hints, tips, stories, language, and general information on the topic and how they could as a team look to open jobs up for Neurodivergent individuals. 50% of Managers in a recent ILM study are uncomfortable employing someone who is Neurodivergent.

I was then asked to present to the ID Nuclear conference a workshop to assist people on their journey for better diversity within the workplace.  I am very grateful to be able to share my passion and I look forward to meeting everyone on Thursday and also listening to the other Key note speakers about their areas of expertise.

Once I have presented my workshop on Thursday I will post my slides and if anyone would like to discuss then please get in touch.